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Drop-Dead Gorgeous Signet Rings for You

Six Signet Ring Types Explained

As the name specifies Signet rings are rings that bear some form of sign of the wearer. Also known as seal rings, the signet rings have been a fashion trend from the yesteryears. The signet rings mostly have the initials of the wearer but may also have other engravings or personalized designs.

Worn by the affluent

Earlier, the signet rings were worn by the affluent, wealthy, politicians and leaders. They were recognized as official seals and therefore, when signatures were required on documents or decrees, the leaders simply had to make an impression on the wax or clay with their ring. This was considered to be the official signature of the leader. Here it is important to remember that the initials or signature engraved on the rings was in a reversed manner. For this reason, when the ring was used to sign documents, they had the correct image and not the reverse one.

Yellow signet rings
Yellow signet rings speak of extravagance

Modern day signet rings are different from their antique counterparts in the sense that they are not used as official seals. Therefore, even the engravings are not done in mirror style. While it is very difficult to find the original antique signet rings, the modern day signet rings are available online. One simply needs to select a simple plain band and then choose the fonts and scripts to be written on the ring. The signet rings are not adorned with stones as their beauty lies in their simple engraving.

Types of Signet Rings

Signet rings have become very popular among the masses for their beauty and classy appeal. These rings enhance the overall image and personality of the wearer by adding a touch of elegance to whatever outfit that is worn. Both men and women can wear signet rings. Here are some of the drop dead gorgeous types of signet rings:

Pure Yellow Signet Ring

The color yellow is considered royal and therefore, a yellow signet ring speaks of extravagance and opulence. This ring can be chosen for a new bride as a wedding gift.

Rose Gold Signet Ring with Blue Sapphires

Signet ring with a stone
Signet ring can be quite impressive and collector's item, perfect as a gift

For those women that prefer classy jewelry, this signet ring is the perfect option. Rose gold is considered unique and elegant and when used in a signet ring, the sparkle is all the more pronounced.

The blue sapphires on the ring add to the elegance. They represent love and appreciation and therefore, considered as the perfect gift.

Stone Signet Ring with Rose Quartz

For the women of substance that prefer subtleness in all things they do and wear, the stone signet ring with rose quartz would generate an instant interest. The rose quartz goes well with all types of skin tones while the central stone would grab immediate attention. There is no need of any engraving as the central stone is enough to garner attention.

Wing Signet Ring

Wing signet ring is the best option for those that love engraved jewels. As the name specifies, this ring has the design of eagle wings and a sword. This design is an all-time favorite design of many and therefore, is one of the most bought signet rings. There is also place to get one’s initials or signature engraved on the ring. The wing signet ring is the perfect jewel to flaunt.

Arabesque signet ring
An impressive Arabesque signet ring is certain to cause curiosity with its unique engavings

Arabesque Signet Ring

For those that wish to make an impression with a ring, the Arabesque signet ring is the best signet ring to wear.

This Arabesque ring has some unique and puzzling engravings on it, making it a truly unique.

Its grey and black colors attract and generate curiosity among the onlookers, certain to be impressed.

1920s Onyx Signet Ring

A collector of antique things knows the value of the antique collectibles. The 1920 Onyx signet ring is actually a collector’s item as it has a large black onyx stone that impresses at the first instant. The ring is so impressive that it makes the wearer feel blessed. Onyx stones are known to provide vigor, energy and positive-ness and this is what the onyx signet ring provides. It is the perfect gift for a loved one.

Signet rings are the perfect pieces of jewelry whether for personal use or as a gift. While they were once in vogue in earlier times, they have again gained their grandeur and are being liked by everyone. One can pick up any of the signet rings mentioned above or find yet another one suitable to one’s personality and style.

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