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  Looking to buy Diamonds for investment? We are in contact with a fully licensed
supplier of wholesale diamonds, connected to all major diamond centres worldwide.
Contact us with your request to obtain full information, or buy loose diamonds online.

Purchase Diamonds

How to Purchase Investment Diamonds

UPDATE 2014 - Our fully licensed supplier, with a combined experience of over 50 years in the jewellery and diamonds industry, supply gem quality diamonds of all sizes, shapes and grades. All diamonds are certificated.

Storage for your purchase, or delivery of diamonds to anywhere in the world can be arranged, as well as viewings should you require this. Our approach is flexible and we always look to meet any special requests.

Dr Woody Stanley

If you are serious about purchasing diamonds, Dr Woody Stanley can introduce you to a New York City company. The company provides a diamond investment programme for clients who want to have more liquid assets and make a 20% profit on their money.

The diamond investment programme is offered as a 5-year plan, during which you will hope to double your money at 20% per year. However, you can of course sell the diamonds at any time, should the necessity arise.

You Select the Diamonds

As the client, you can choose or help pick out the type, size and shape of the diamonds if you wish (and are qualified!), before your purchase them.

If you let the corporation select the diamonds, they will choose the most marketable stones in the 1 to 5 carat range. The stones are white, slightly imperfect to the naked eye.

These are the most desirable stones to sell to the jewellery store industry when the time comes to dispose of your merchandise. This grade of stones will sell quickly.

Note: the corporation we use is one of a select few brokers that can buy cut and polished diamonds direct from the DTC (Diamond Trading Company). With over 70 years’ experience in the business, they are worth contacting if you have any wish to profit from gemstone and diamond investment.