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Jewelry Buying Statistics

The US jewelry retail statistics

The US jewelry market statistics make for an interesting reading on why, when and where people buy jewelry on the market. See the Infographic by about this on the previous page.

Here are those statistics in words. These statistics cover 5 groups of jewelry products sold in the US:

Woman with hands on her knee, featuring some hand jewelry
One of the reasons that people buy jewelry is to tailor their own look and personality
- pearl jewelry
- platinum jewelry
- diamond jewelry
- gold jewelry, and
- silver jewelry

Why people buy jewelry

Here are two fundamental reasons for people buying jewelry:

  • The fundamental reason people buy jewelry is "to differentiate themselves". 
  • The other reasons are that jewelry denotes status, power and ornamentation. 

When people buy jewelry

For what ocassions do people buy jewelry:

  • For engagement, anniversary, birthday, and all public statements of affection and intention 
  • As presents for the mistresses and girlfriends 
  • To make amends for bad behavior 

Matching jewelry with outfit

While shopping for jewelry, people also look to match it with their outfit. When ready to pick an outfit to go along with what ever type of jewelry you are comfortable wearing, there is no better place to start looking than places such as Bloomingdale's. At Bloomingdale's you will find a wide assortment of apparel, accessories, for men, as well as for women and kids. Not only will you find great clothing but you will also find terrific accents for your home as well.

Key jewelry selling periods

There are three best selling periods for jewelry sellers:

  • Christmas time 96% 
  • Mother's Day 74% 
  • Valentine's Day 70% 

What motivates people make purchases

Here's what motivates people to go jewelry shopping:

  • People buy jewelry on impulse when they see something eye-catching in a store window. 
  • Two-thirds or 67% of those are planned purchases 
  • While one-third or 33% are impulse purchases 

For whom people buy jewelry

There seem to be two basic groups for whom jewelry is bought:

  • 12% of jewelry purchased in US is for someone within the buyer's household 
  • 88% of jewelry purchased in US is for someone outside the buyer's household 
Fashion jewelry pearls on displayed on a card
Most of jewelry purchases, both by men and women, are made as gift
purchase for someone else, outside of the family.

Why people make purchase

There could be a number of things that determine if people will make a jewelry purchase. But the main reason that clinches purchase is:

  • People will buy jewelry if the credit terms are appealing 

Gift-Purchase vs. Self-Purchase

What are the percentages of different jewelry products that people buy for gifts to others, as opposed to those they buy for themselves as self-purchase.

Purchases by men

Men in general purchase 71% of jewelry as gifts and 29% as purchases for oneself:

  • Pearl Jewelry - 82% gift, 18% self-purchase 
  • Platinum Jewelry - 80% gift, 20% self-purchase 
  • Diamond Jewelry - 74% gift, 26% self-purchase 
  • Gold Jewelry - 64% gift, 36% self-purchase 
  • Silver Jewelry - 55% gift, 45% self-purchase 

Purchases by women

Women in general purchase 59% of jewelry as gifts, while 41% of their purchases are for oneself:

  • Pearl Jewelry - 50% gift, 50% self-purchase 
  • Platinum Jewelry - 67% gift, 33% self-purchase 
  • Diamond Jewelry - 58% gift, 42% self-purchase 
  • Gold Jewelry - 56% gift, 44% self-purchase 
  • Silver Jewelry - 64% gift, 36% self-purchase 

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