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Jewelry Articles

Add the Class and Poise to Your Good Looks

Who doesn't aspire to look good, smart and attractive? Men and women both do. And smart looking jewelry is one of the most important ingredients for the good looks.


Bindi Decoration

About Bindi Decoration

You would have seen them before, mostly worn by Indian women, but did you know what they're called, what they are, and why they're being worn? Get the answers and find out everything you should know about this forehead decoration.

Buying Jewelry Wholesale

Buying Jewelry Wholesale

These days you can buy jewelry wholesale quite easy online. Learn the difference between online jewelry stores and online wholesale companies. Although wholesalers offer better pricing, always be on the lookout for discounts at jewelry stores.

Jewelry Buying Basics

Jewelry Buying Basics

The infographic titled "The Basics of Buying Jewelry" shows the buying habits of the US jewelry market buyers. It presents graphically why people buy jewelry, when people buy jewelry, and for whom it's purchased.

Jewelry Buying Statistics

Jewelry Buying Statistics

Information from the above infographic converted into textual explanations, reflecting the statistics from US jewelry buyers. It also notes men and women's reasons for buying jewelry - be it as gifts or as self-purchases.

Jewelry Ideas to Present for the First Time Mothers

Jewelry for First Time Mothers

Being a first time mom is a very special time in a woman's life. While it's fine to bring her all the gifts she might need for the baby, don't let her feel left out. Here are 10 jewelry gift ideas to present to the first time mothers, to make her feel special.

Match Jewellery With Outfit

Match Jewellery With Outfit

When you are going out, you want your fashion style to be matching and complimentary. This applies for jewellery, too, which can easily make or break your ensemble. here's a guide to picking the right pieces of jewellery to go with your outfit.

Mens Wedding Rings

Men's Wedding Rings

Some grooms today choose to purchase a diamond wedding ring to match the bride's. Others decide to buy a diamond wedding band, to enjoy the social status that goes with it. Whatever your choice, always look at the quality of diamonds included.

Vintage Jewelry in Toronto

Vintage Jewelry in Toronto

One of collectors most prized possessions is vintage jewelry. They are usually difficult to come across and can involve bidding to get them. If you happen to be in Toronto, there are eight vintage jewelry stores that we recommend.

Jewelry adds class and poise to women

Jewelry has always been more a part of woman’s attire and to have a diamond and a bright piece of jewelry has really caught up and looks dazzling on those pretty faces. Jewelry adds to the classiness and poise of women. Jewelry is not only a lady’s best friend but is also an ideal investment. It makes you look good, while putting your money into these unblemished pieces of precious metal.

Young woman wearing neck jewelry
Smartly chosen jewelry pieces add poise and class to woman's
natural beauty.
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Wedding Resources

Best Wedding Insurance

It's the happiest day of your life and the last thing you want to happen is that something goes wrong. With so many things on your mind, you need to ease up on your stress and focus on the important stuff that matters.

At Consumers Advocate we have created a step-by-step guide to wedding insurance to protect you from unexpected things getting in the way of your happiness. We've spent a couple of hundred hours researching and examining a dozen resources, to come up with our top 10 picks for best wedding insurance providers.