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10 Jewelry Ideas to Present
for the First Time Mothers

Jewelry Makes The Perfect Baby and Mother Gift

Being a first time mom is a very special time in a woman’s life. But it is possible that, along with all of the gifts for the baby, mom can feel a little left out. We think a new mother deserves something truly unique, and we have ideas you’ll like.

First time mom with her baby
As a first time mom, new mother deserves a unique and thoughtful
jewelry gift, to make her feel special and appreciated.

Congratulations! You're about to have your first child. And there is so much to do. You have to set up the nursery, take care of your health, and of course, we can’t forget the baby shower. This baby would not be here without you. Something to make you feel like a top mom. So many presents to get your life with your little one started, it can give you a head rush.

It is like a wave of soft and chewable items, diapers and wipes, bottles and pacifiers. And all for the baby. It can be overwhelming and a little lonely, even if you have an attentive significant other. Perhaps something to let you know how special you are in this moment as well.

The Right New Mom Jewelry to Make Her Day

To give first time mom jewelry that will forever capture the moment, long after her baby has gone to college, is a great and powerful gift. And choosing the right one is a profound responsibility. Here are a few that will let her know you care just as much about her as the new baby. These also work as first time Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Mother and Daughter Infinity Pendant:
Cast in sterling silver and peppered with actual diamonds, this pendant will show the bond between mother and daughter in sparkling splendor.

2. Garden of Love Birthstone Ring:
Your family’s birthstones within a heart, and the band has your names engraved, immortalizing your love and long commitment to each other.

3. Family is Forever Bracelet:
All of your family birthstones, cast in sterling silver, with a dangling heart with the phrase “family is forever” etched in gold.

4. Forever in a Mother’s Heart Bracelet:
Each member of the family has a heart with their name etched on it, and between, up to 6 Swarovski crystal bands.

A rich, heart shaped jewelry
There are many different jewelry gift ideas for first time mothers,
including heart-shaped jewelry pieces.

5. Love of Family Ring:
Looking like the branch of a family tree, the leaves are composed of birthstones, with the phrase “I sustain myself with the love of my family” on the inside of the band.

6. Infinite Love Pendant:
A silver infinity symbol with hearts dangling from silver chains through it, each heart containing a birthstone.

7. Our Family of Joy Earrings:
On each side, the names and birthstones are etched amidst Swarovski crystals.

8. Mother’s Cross Necklace:
A intricate cross with the birthstones of each member of the family down the side of a heart that backdrops it.

9. Heirloom Pearl and Diamond Necklace:
A cultured freshwater pearl incased in a setting of silver and diamond, on a perfect rope chain.

10. Cherish Memories Locket Pendant:
A beautiful silver round locket with hearts and Florentine swirls on the face.

Happy mom with her daughter reading a picture book outdoor
Wearing necklaces and other jewelry gets easier as your child grows,
unlike babies who get attracted to it and could get harmed by it.

Safety with First Time Mom Jewelry

If it dangles, the baby will pull it. If it is small, the baby will eat it. The best jewelry for mom is easily removable when she is tending to her new child. The sparkle will draw the baby’s attention. Take it off when holding your child. Rings are an exception if they fit properly. There are hidden dangers of jewelry for your baby.

After the Fact

To present a mother with a lovely piece of new mom jewelry is an amazing thing to do, especially if she is having mood swings due to postpartum depression. But sometimes it has to wait, if engraving the name of the new baby is delayed due to parental indecision.

That is why, if it is ok to do so, waiting until a holiday might be better. New mom necklaces baby’s name first Mother’s Day gifts are perfect. They still symbolize the experience but give you a change to make adjustments to the new mom jewelry.

Happy parents with a new baby, examining a yellow flower
The new baby will be the main focus of everyone's attention,
but don't forget to remind the first time mom how special she is.


When giving such a significant gift, it is the thought that counts. But for a mother, a little extra thought can go a long way. Birthstones and laser etching make a much bigger impact than just a flat piece of expensive steel with a diamond in it if you really want to say something. Have you ever shopped for new mom jewelry?


A guest post by Elizabeth, a lifestyle blogger on varied matters.

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