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Diamond Fair in Hong Kong

One of the most important diamond fairs

HONG KONG - 28. February-4. March 2017 - One of the most important diamond fairs, The Hong Kong International Diamond and Gem Show, was held at Hong Kong International Airport.

It has become clear in the past few months that the demand for polished diamonds is growing. This is an encouraging sign for the diamonds' business. Asian markets have a great potential and now might be a good moment to invest in them.

Hong Kong city
Hong Kong city was host to The Hong Kong International Diamond
and Gem Show (Image by

Diamonds in the 0.25 to 0.9 carat range were most in demand at the fair. On the other hand, 5-carat and larger diamonds were selling, but for lower prices than usual. This indicates more tolerance for fluorescence in the colorless, near colorless and faint yellow ranges for large stones.

The price for rough (uncut) diamonds has increased, which in the long term may affect polished diamond prices. As a result, it's possible that customers buying diamonds may seek to buy polished diamonds now, before a possible price rise.

Record breaking diamonds

In the meantime, take a look at some of the previous news items about diamonds, both found or sold at auctions at record prices. Some of these diamonds are considered medium-sized, while others belong to what's known as large gemstones. Although it's usually diamonds over 25 carats that have their names, some of these medium-size diamonds also have their names, owing to their often interesting history, usually related to who owned them. The more carats a diamond has, the higher the price per carat, according to Jean-Baptiste Tavernier's law.

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