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ALROSA Leading Colour Diamonds Producer

The Russian company is set to become the leading world producer of coloured diamonds

September 2020 - Australian diamond mine "Argyle" is set to wind up its operation towards the end of 2020. It's been the world's leading producer of pink diamonds, as well as other coloured diamonds.

But after 30 years "Argyle" mine seems to be running out of economically viable coloured stones, forcing it to close down the mine. The eventual closure will affect the industry of coloured diamonds worldwide.

Alrosa could benefit from Argyle closure

The one company that seems to be set to benefit from this anticipated closure of "Argyle" mine is Russian company Alrosa. They could become the most valuable and leading producer of coloured diamonds.

An illustration of colour diamonds od different sizes
If the Australian Argyle diamond mine closes by the end of 2020,
this could push Russian ALROSA as the leading producer
of colour diamonds.

ALROSA owns a few mines for coloured diamonds, such as Manymaz and Almazy Anabara. The later is also known as Diamonds of Anabar. This is where one of the most expensive, purple-pink diamonds was found, weighing 14.83 carats. It could become one of the most expensive Russian diamonds.

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