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Diamonds in the News

Different happenings in the world of diamonds

You won't find diamonds in the news every day. But from time to time, some news items about diamonds will pop up. Most often this is a case of a well known precious stone being sold at an auction, or some new and phenomenal diamond found.

There are of course also stories about diamond heists that happen every now and then, although not too often. Our select news items here mostly deal with diamond market. They don't happen very often, but they usually grab media attention when they do, being record breaking diamonds.

   News about diamonds

Spirit of the Rose Diamond Sold

Spirit of the Rose Diamond Sold

The pink diamonds are very rare and those of 10 carat weight are even more rare. This is why they attract very high prices at auctions.

Rare 102 Carat Diamond Sold in Hong Kong

Rare Diamond Sold in Hong Kong

The Sotheby's auction house held an online auction, selling a rare 102-carat diamond to an unknown buyer in Hong Kong for $16M.

Alrosa Could Become Leading Colour Diamonds Producer

ALROSA Colour Diamonds Producer

The current leading producer of colour stones Australian Argyle could close by end of 2020, pushing ALROSA as the leading producer.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

The coronavirus outbreak has negatively affected many industries, including diamonds industry, resulting in some lower pricing.

Pink Star Diamond Sold

Pink Star Diamond Sold

The largest polished diamond has been sold at a Hong Kong auction, setting a new world record for any gemstone sold at an auction.

Diamond Fair in Hong Kong

Diamond Fair in Hong Kong

Held at the Hong Kong International Airport, this Diamond and Gem Show is considered to be one of the most important ones.

706 Carat Diamond Found

706-Carat Diamond Found

A huge 706-carat diamond was found by a Christian pastor in Sierra Leone, in Africa, one of 20 largest uncut diamonds.

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

The 14.64-carat emerald-cut blue diamond was sold for a record $50.6m at a Christie auction in Geneva, Switzerland.

Blue Moon Diamond

Blue Moon Diamond Sold

A 12.03-carat Blue Moon diamond has been sold at an auction in Geneva to a Hong Kong tycoon, for a record $48.4 million price.

Fancy Vivid Orange

Fancy Vivid Orange Diamond

Known as The Orange, the 14.84-carat fancy vivid orange diamond has been sold at Geneva auction for a record $2.36m per carat.

Diamond Heist Brussel

Diamond Heist in Brussels

In one of the largest diamond heists, $50 million worth of diamonds were snatched at the Brussel's airport.

Golden Eye Diamond

Golden Eye Diamond Seized

A rare 43-carat yellow diamond, known as the Golden Eye, will be auctioned online by the US Marshals Service.

Fancy Intense Pink

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

One of the rarest diamonds in the world, the 24.78-carat "fancy intense pink" diamond has been sold for a record $46m in Geneva.

Wittelsbach Diamond

Wittelsbach Diamond Sells

The 35.56-cart fancy blue diamond, known as the famous Wittelsbach diamond, has been sold for $24.3m in London.